The Lucky Office

The Lucky Office by Peter Adams.
165 University Avenue in Palo Alto, California. This downtown office building earned itself the nickname “The Lucky Office” by being the first home to Google, PayPal, and Logitech.

When it comes to turning a startup into a multi-billion dollar company, entrepreneurs know that success often requires great timing as well as some good, old fashioned luck.

Unfortunately, luck doesn’t grow on trees or else it would be for sale on every street corner here in Startup Land. However, it turns out that getting the right office space might just be the next best thing.

That right, certain office spaces in Silicon Valley appear to be more lucky that others in terms of housing successful startups. The best example of this is 165 University Avenue or “The Lucky Office” as it’s referred to by valley insiders. This downtown Palo Alto office building has served as the first office for technology giants such as Google, Paypal, Danger, and Logitech when they were first starting up.

Regardless of whether or not you believe that this office has anything to do with the success of its tenants, many startups vie to lease space here hoping that the building’s luck will rub off on them next.