Stanford Pow-wow

Stanford Powwow held on May 11th, 2012. by Peter Adams.
The Grand Entry procession at the Stanford Powwow held on May 11th, 2012.

Every year the Native American community finds its way to the heart of Startup Land for a Pow-wow. No, I’m not talking about some big corporate meeting, I’m literally talking about a pow-wow where people gather to dance, sing, socialize and honor Native American Indian culture. This past weekend was the 41st Pow-wow held in the Eucalyptus grove on Stanford University’s Campus. The Pow-wow begins with a “Grand Entry” procession where ceremonial dancers march into an arena. Over the course of the evening, multiple rounds of traditional dancing will take place and the dancers will also be judged as part of a formal dance competition. Not only can attendees enjoy the elaborate Native American regalia, but also beautiful drum music and vendors selling traditional crafts, jewelry, food and art. And all of this underneath the stars and Eucalyptus trees.