Robot Block Party

Robot Block Party by Peter Adams.
Stanford Robot Block Party held on 4/11/12. Part of National Robotics Week.

Robotics is all about serious research and hard core tech, right? Well, you might change your mind after watching a robot dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. That’s exactly what happened to me at this year’s Robot Block Party.

Held at Stanford’s Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (which is home to research on autonomous vehicles), the event was part of National Robotics Week and featured the latest in commercial robotics from companies like Bosch, Adept, Willow Garage, SRI, and others.

The big robots were impressive, but what was really cool about this event was some of the “DIY” robotics and robot art made by the Homebrew Robotics Club as well as various roboticists and student’s participating in the FIRST Robot Competitions. It’s amazing to see what kind of robots you can build in your garage using off-the-shelf parts. Didn’t Apple Computer get started this way??