How Weird Street Faire

Can You Hear Me Now? by Peter Adams.
How Weird Street festival held in San Francisco on May 13th, 2012.

Startup Land is sometimes described as a place where creative energy and entreprenurial ideas collide. After all, that’s why it’s home to thousands of startup companies trying to change the world in some way, shape or form. But have you ever wondered where all that creative energy goes when everyone is not getting down to business?

Well, this weekend I decided to find out by attending the How Weird Street Faire 2012 where thousands of people dress up in outlandish outfits, party like rock stars and dance the day away on the streets of downtown San Francisco. How weird is How Weird? The answer is: “pretty weird”, but also pretty cool at the same time.

The party occupies a full four blocks of downtown San Francisco (literally fenced off) and is filled with twelve music stages featuring live performances and DJ’s spinning dance beats for packed crowds. The music may have been great, but the main attraction were the avatars, outfits and personalities of the How Weird attendees themselves. Just click on the photos below to see what I mean.