David Carrico

David Carrico by Peter Adams. There is nothing quite like watching your favorite band play live at an amazing concert venue or music festival. However, sometimes you just can’t get to the show – especially if it’s sold out. That’s where David Carrico, co-founder of startup EVNTLIVE, comes in. David’s vision is to make concerts available “anywhere, anytime.” by offering an on-demand, streaming service that will let you watch shows on your laptop, tablet/iPad, or phone.

Why a service like this doesn’t exist already boggles the mind until you understand the complex web of copyrights that is the music industry. While the the live performance market is dominated by offline players with analog business models, EVNTLIVE still has to do the hard work of secure streaming rights from the artists, music labels, and venues.

Luckily that is work worth doing as concert and event promotion is a multi billion dollar industry that is ripe for disruption by someone with the right technology and industry know-how. Someone like David.