C2SV 2013

C2SV Technology Conference by Peter Adams

When most people think of Silicon Valley they usually think one of three things: technology giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook, robot controlled factories churning out Tesla electric cars, or garages filled with entrepreneurs. While those conceptions continue to dominate headlines, some new cultural ventures might just put Startup Land on “the map” in new ways.

One such venture is C2SV (Create. Converge. Silicon Valley) – a new technology and music festival that took place last week in San Jose.

C2SV was three full days of technology and live music performances – a winning format that organizers smartly borrowed from other popular festivals such as SXSW (which literally takes over Austin Texas for weeks each year). Highlights from C2SV included a fireside chat with technologist John McAfee (his first public interview since escaping Belize), a discussion with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak about finding the next Steve Jobs, and a performance by rock legend Iggy and The Stooges.

I’m glad to see a combined tech/music festival finally make it to Silicon Valley. I mean, why should Austin have all the fun?